GREAT NEWS from the Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District

Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District Chief Richard Pender and Board of Directors are pleased to announce to it’s residents that the results from the Insurance Service Organization (ISO) Review have been received and the Fire District has lowered it’s rating to a 6/8B. The District for years was a Class 9 and in 2008 right after a review, the residents in Portage Des Sioux area of the District were lowered to a Class 6 due to the hydrant system. Now after years of hard work, the remainder of the District that is more than 1,000 feet away from a hydrant is a Class 8B rating.

What does this mean for you?

If you own a home or property with a building on it, contact your insurance agaent and tell them that the fire district has received a new lowered ISO rating. They should be able to look up that new rating in the system that they use. If they cannot find it or would like to have a letter, please have them contact Chief Richard Pender at 314.713.9900. He will be more than happy to provide the documentation needed to assist in saving you money.

This lowered rating is the first step into another review that will be conducted in early 2015 that will hopefully provide another lowering of the classification. The Fire Chief and his staff are working hard on the second phase of the 2015 review and fully hope and expect to save you, as the residents, more money on your insurance premium.

If you want to know any further information on how the process works or what is planned in the next phase of the review, please reach out to the Fire Chief. He will be happy to explain the operations to you.

Please share and tell your friends and neighbors about this money saving information.

Rivers Pointe FPD



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