Update June 26, 2015: If the rivers do what is projected there is a very good chance that it will top the levee. Once again I recommend that you take appropriate steps to be prepare your homes and property.
I am not going to post the actual river projections here any longer because I cannot update them in a timely fashion. I don’t want to appear to be giving out incorrect numbers. Please keep yourself updated using the your favorite source or the links provided at www.westaltonmo.com

The Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District posted the following information.


We want to take this opportunity to give you an update on the rising waters of the Mississippi River. The most current crest is for 32.4 at Alton. This will put the water close to the top of our levee system for the West Alton area. At Grafton, the crest is set for 29.5. This will also place water at the top of the levee system.

We want all the residents to know that City Officials, EMA Officials, Levee District Officials as well as Fire District Officials have met and put plans in place and have started efforts to fight the rising levels of the river. If you have noticed today, The levee at Hwy. 94 just past Saale Rd is getting filled in and the lower portion of Hwy. 67 where the levee meets the hwy, is also getting filled in.

We want to remind you all to make a plan or enact a plan for your safety as well as your property in the event of a levee system failure.

If there is a failure, the same procedure will take place as in the past, a broadcast will come from the weather sirens in both towns and fire district responders will go door to door in the affected area to make everyone aware of a failure.

To our farming community members – Our partner, AmerenUE does have space available for you to park your farm equipment. Please check in at the guard station, you may have to sign in and sign out, but they are willing to help as they always have.

We will try to keep informing you all through the Facebook page of changing events. Please like and share and get the word spread to your family and friends.

Volunteers needed for West Alton City Park Cleanup Day.   July 12, 2015 at 9am.  Meet at the park in front of the Fire Department.
The Web Links page has links to some of the River Levels pages.
Vintage St. Louis's photo.
 Hwy 67 closed in 1954 for flooding.
(Display is on the 2nd due to a scheduling conflict this year)
First Impact Band at 7pm
Fireworks Display at 9:15
Special thanks to Saale Farm & Grain for helping sponsor the Fireworks Display.



West Alton is located in Eastern St. Charles County at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  The two main highways through our city are US Hwy 67 and State Highway 94.

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The City Council Meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm and is open to the public.

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