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UPDATE 7/24/2019

Shockwave will NOT be at the Flood Recovery Center this Thursday. We asked the volunteers running that program if they could distribute it on Saturday so that more people can have access to it. With that being said....

This Saturday, July 27, from 9am to 4pm, the Southern Baptists will be dispensing Shockwave to both West Alton and Portage flood victims. They will be located at Portage's EOC, 1360 Farnham. This is the old St. Francis School Building. Everyone should bring a gallon jug to put the Shockwave into. If you have any spare jugs please bring them for others that may not have one.


Update: 7/11/2019

The flood recovery center will be open Friday from 5pm to 8 pm, Saturday and Sunday (July 13&14) From 9 am to 2 pm.  There are lots of cleanup supplies available. 

If you haven’t been there to pick up a flood information packet please try to stop by and get one.  It will explain the process.  

If you can drive to your house and have the water pumped out of your basement you will want to call and schedule your damage assessment. Remember every house in West Alton has to be inspected.  It will take about 2 weeks to get the results.  You will receive a letter from the city with your results and what your next steps are.  

Cleanup reminder:  you can clean up your house but you cannot start repairs. You will receive a letter from the city with your results and what your next steps are.  


Click here for the official notification 




Important Information. Please help spread the word to you friends and neighbors that may not have access to Facebook or the www.westaltonmo.com

All citizens will need to call SCC to schedule a mandatory damage assessment for their structures. Even if water was not in your structure or on your first floor a damage assessment will need to be done. Call 636-949-7345 between the hours of 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday. This is your opportunity to setup an appointment where you can be present at the time of the inspection. The City encourages you to call for your inspection when the inspectors are able to access your property. All waters should have receded before you schedule your appointment. You may clean out you structure but absolutely no repairs can be made before the assessment has been completed. St. Charles County already has inspectors on the ground conducting assessments. When you call they will organize an inspection team to come out to your property.

The City thanks you for your cooperation with this requirement of the National Flood Insurance Program. Once damage assessments are completed and reviewed you will hear from the City of West Alton regarding further action.

UPDATE (6/14/19):

On Thursday the area was flown by helicopter to try and speed up the Disaster Declaration process. This is great news because in the past the water had to recede before the initial damage assessment could be completed.

If you need a tetanus shot contact the St. Charles County Health Department at 636-949-1857. They can assist with that.

City Officials are working on a plan to get setup to be able to get cleanup supplies housed in/near West Alton. In the past these were housed in the Fire Department and the Church. All of these locations had substantial amounts of water making them unusable at this time. We should have more news on this soon.

A few websites that have good tips for cleanup are:


Update (6/11/19): City officials have been working with St. Charles County COAD for disaster relief resources. The overall goal of the COAD is to coordinate the mobilization and utilization of resources in the event of an emergency within St. Charles County. We have another call with them tomorrow and should have more information at that time.

The EMA is gathering the information for the Disaster Declaration. Once the State Declares it then the President has to review and declare. The following link will help explain the steps for the declaration process. https://sema.dps.mo.gov/…/federal-disaster-declaration-proc…
Once the President approves then the Federal Assistance programs will begin.

After the 15-16 flood myself and a few alderman walked door to door with FEMA to gather the damage assessment information. The main thing to gather from that statement is that we walked. The water was out of town when they came. The declaration happened after that. There were areas in the Point and Alta Villa that were still inaccessible at that time as well.

We will try to update here more frequently. I have not had internet access at my house since the first wave of the flood got in our neighborhood on May 6. I want to thank Rick Pender for posting information on the Rivers Pointe Fire Protection District page and keeping everyone up to date. As we get important information we will be asking him to pass it along as well. We also ask you to pass the information along. Not everyone has access to a computer or internet so your assistance with that is greatly appreciated. We will be posting on the following sites.

Finally. If you had water in your home you can clean up but you cannot make repairs until your Damage Assessment has been completed. We will be trying to get these done as quickly as we can. Once the assessment is done you will be contacted to make an appointment to discuss your options. If you have less than 50% damage you will be able to make repairs to your structure. You may need some permits depending on the work needing to be done. If you have 50% or more damage you will have 3 options: Elevate, Demolish or Move your structure. These are requirements that we have as a community participating in the National Flood Insurance Program. It does not matter if you have Flood Insurance or not you still have to follow these rules.

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Captain Jim's Fireworks is having the Point radio station there from 6-8 on Thursday, Aug 29. There will be food trucks there as well. They will also be collecting Bottled water and other items for West Alton Flood Relief. If you have time stop by it should be fun. ...

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3 weeks ago

West Alton, Missouri

FYIOnly 2️⃣ weeks remain to register for FEMA assistance - the deadline is September 9. Don't disqualify yourself...you can still qualify for assistance from FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency even if you are a renter. In addition, FEMA may also be able to provide supplemental aid if you are insured but your insurance falls short in covering your losses.

Register online at DisasterAssistance.gov or by phone at 800-621-FEMA (3362) or 800-462-7585 TTY. Lines are operational daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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If you have not had your Flood Damage Assessment yet please call and get that completed. You can call 636-949-7345 between the hours of 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday to schedule it. So far we have about 130 assessments and have met with over 90 residents to go over the results. We have been issuing permits for people to repair, elevate and demolish. If you had your inspection and have not received your results or have not met with Janet yet please call city hall at 636-899-1734. ...

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2 months ago

West Alton, Missouri

Due to theft we had to lock up the supply containers. Are unlocked now, Friday, until about 8pm. The will be unlocked tomorrow from approximately 9am to 8pm and from approximately noon to 8pm on Sunday. We will do the same next weekend. ...

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2 months ago

West Alton, Missouri

West Alton Recovery Center Supply Update: 7/30/2019

2 of the 3 storage containers will be open from approximately 8am to 7pm everyday until further notice. This is the one on the right and the one on the left. These containers contain the cleaning buckets, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, water, and bug spray. This is on a self service basis going forward. These items are free for you to use just remember there are many other people in the community that need supplies as well so take what you need and you can come back and get more while they last. Please push the door shut before you leave to keep the critters out and the supplies dry.

If you need to borrow a power washer, vacuum, shovel, pump or sprayer you need to call city hall at 636-899-1734 to make an appointment to pick these items up. When you pick any of these items up will be able to make arrangements on when to return them.

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West Alton has a poplulation of 522.  It is located in Eastern St. Charles County at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.  The two main highways through our city are US Hwy 67 and State Hwy 94.

West Alton has 3 City Parks, is home to several conservation areas and a state park.

The City Council Meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm and is open to the public.

The Planning and Zoning meeting is held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8:00 pm and is open to the public.

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City Council Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm.

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